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Harry James Potter
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Name: Harry James Potter
Age: 17
House: Gryffindor
Affiliation: Strong supporter of the Order of the Phoenix and that's about it. So far, the Ministry has proven to be amazingly incompetent and stupid, and the less to do with them, the better. Really though, political affiliation? Isn't just wanting Voldemort gone good enough?
Date of birth/place: 31 July 1980, England
Distinguishing physical features: He's not particularly tall and he's kind of skinny, thanks to years of undernourishment from the Dursleys. Thanks. Really. Then again, Mrs. Weasley's cooking might beef him up a bit, but don't get your hopes up. His hair's untidy, which is just a nice way of saying it's a right mess. Eyes are a startling green(his mother's eyes, so he's been told), hidden behind glasses. Oh. Yeah. And there's a scar. A particularly famous one. You've probably tried to get a glimpse at some point. Everyone has.
Bloodline: half-blood
Occupation: The media might see him as "the Chosen One" but really, that's a bit stupid. Voldemort needs to die. At Harry's hands. And in the meantime, there are some horcruxes to be found.

Wand: Holly, 11 inches, with a phoenix feather core. The brother to Voldemort's wand. Bit ironic there.
Boggart: Ginny, Ron and Hermione- mangled, bloody and very dead.
Patronus(if applicable): a silver stag. Curiously like his father's animagus form.

Likes: Ginny and many dreams related to her. Ron and Hermione. Things having to do with flying, such as Quidditch and his Firebolt. Honeydukes chocolate. The Burrow.
Dislikes: Voldemort. Voldemort's supporters. Snape. Pettigrew. The fact that any of them are still alive. The Ministry. Cowards.
Personality in three words: Stubborn. Brave. Outspoken.

Father: James Potter (deceased)
Mother: Lily Evans Potter (deceased)
Siblings: none
Friends: There are friends and there are people he trusts absolutely. Ron and Hermione are those two people.
Lover: He's in love with Ginny, but he refuses to let anyone else- especially her- get hurt because of him.
Children: no, thanks

Anything else?: Snape's going to pay.

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