Owl to Neville Longbottom

Sent the morning of 12 August 1997, Tuesday


It's been some time, mate. How's your gran been treating you?

We need to talk about the upcoming school year, specifically the DA. Can you meet me for breakfast tomorrow at the Leaky Cauldron?


6 August 1997

12 am
A brown owl swoops down on the Burrow and scratches at one of the windows. It does not leave until someone takes the message.

Owl to the Weasleys

I've taken Hermione to St. Mungo's.
There's been a Something has happened.
Come right away.


Thursday, 31 July 1997

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!
I'm of legal age now!
Uncle Vernon, get stuffed!

I admit, it lacks that certain bit of poetic flair, but the sentiment is still the same. I feel pretty good about this birthday actually.

In ten hours, I'm out of here for good.
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